Bouquet Seed Kits

Our Bouquet Seed Kits are perfect for your "green" gifting programs! We've assembled an easy-to-grow kit that is perfect for window gardeners, or can be moved to outdoor planting after they've started to grow. Bag measures 4"W x 2 1/3"D x 6 1/2"H. Assembled in the USA. See below for pricing, and our Art Specs page for more details.


GMO free seed packet and soil pellet.
Kraft bag, foil-lined to protect from leakage.
Hang tag printed with your logo, up to 4 color.
Growing instructions are printed on back.
100 250 500 1,000
1 bag $3.57 $3.17 $3.00 $2.81
P6003 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Chamomile - For thousands of years, the daisy-like flowers of this hardy herb have been used to reduce stress, calm anxiety, soothe an upset stomach, and induce restful sleep.
P6004 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Lavender - This hardy herb has fragrant flower spikes in lovely shades of purple, and is delightful in potpourri and sachets, or used to make a cup of soothing Lavender tea right before bedtime.
P6002 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Starflower - Starflower is also known as Borage, with fuzzy flowers of white, blue and pink, it can be enjoyed as a fresh vegetable or a dried herb, and is a common ingredient in many different cuisines.
P6000 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Honey Bee Mix - This bag is packed with flower varieties specially selected for their ability to attract bees.
P6001 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Sunflower Mix - This bag is packed with sunflower seed.
P6006 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Forget-Me-Nots
P6007 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Impatiens
P6008 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Shasta Daisy
P6009 - Bouquet Seed Kit - Blue Spruce
P6005 - Pink Ribbon Bouquet Seed Kit - This mix of Pink Forget-Me-Nots, Clarkia Dwarfs, and Catch Fly annual flowers will show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness beautifully!